My work is a testament to interconnectivity and empathy cultivated through the gestural potential of material and ritual. Driven by a tactile sensibility and sonic impulse, I facilitate gatherings around performative sculptures accompanied by text scores, inviting an audience to collaboratively position themselves in time and space, mapping individual and collective narratives.

I am meticulously cataloging a Cosmic Library, a composition of peripheral sounds, intuitive objects, and communal actions, all woven together. My process involves collecting, building, weaving, and listening. I relish in the nuances of tangles, deliberate and chance, as order and disorder simultaneously construct linear matrices that allow infinite possibilities within pattern languages.

Research began in my childhood: moments of leisure were spent collecting rocks, exploring the nonlinear, and recreating my dreams. Now I investigate collective histories, alternative paradigms, pedagogical exchanges, and in search of resonance. This work is an unmetered assembly, participatory and perpetual. It beckons you, yes, you, to share this holding space with all us fellow explorers.