I am meticulously cataloguing a cosmic library, an entropic collection of experiences that embody the transience of the human condition.
The objects within float between artifact and artifice, reinventing the familiar through constructed narratives.
Ranging from tapestry weavings and rocks with contact microphones to nomadic structures and uncanny domestic tools, they unveil access to non-linear worlds as amplified fragments from different places are brought together.
Fueled by emotional alchemy, planetary transits, and the gestural potential of material, they serve as a holding space for displaced wanderers.


aimee is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in philadelphia, baltimore, and everywhere.
her work explores the intrinsic value of ritual and its relationship to manifestation through performative sculptures accompanied by text scores.|
field research is crucial to her practice, whether it is visiting places to harness different collective energies and perspectives or investigating liminal space through attunement.
she is informed by deep ecology, deep listening, and a plethora of esoteric resources.
aside from visual art, she also plays in various music projects and teaches workshops on weaving and natural dyeing

resume and cv are available upon request
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